Java code with explanation (10 lines)

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    All we need to do is simply maintain two pointers i,j that traverse both strings from the right. If any pointer is <0, we know we that's not a valid index and hence we are done traversing the string that the pointer refers to. We are done with both when i<0 and j<0.

    We also need to keep a track of the carry, which we add as needed to every iteration. At the end of the traversals, we reverse the string buffer and return. Watch out for the case where carry > 0 at the end of the traversals!

        public String addStrings(String num1, String num2) {
            int i = num1.length() -1, j = num2.length() -1, carry = 0;
            StringBuffer result = new StringBuffer();
            while (i >= 0 || j >= 0){
                int sum = carry;
                if (i >= 0) sum += num1.charAt(i--) - '0';
                if (j >= 0) sum += num2.charAt(j--) - '0';
                result.append(sum % 10);
                carry = sum / 10;
            if (carry > 0) result.append(carry);
            return result.reverse().toString();

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