Why my code is time exceeded (C++)

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    Not sure why this happens...

    class Solution {
    	bool searchMatrix(vector<vector<int>> matrix, int target) {
    		int row = matrix.size();
    		int column = matrix.front().size();
    		int _row = 0; int _column = column - 1;
    		while (_row < row && _column >= 0){
    			int tmp = matrix[_row][_column];
    			if (tmp == target) return true;
    			if (tmp > target) --_column;
    			if (tmp < target) ++_row;
    		return false;

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    I have submited it, and it passed all test case

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    Find the problem...

    The parameter matrix passing into the function should be a reference type instead of a value.

    Sorry for the typo...

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    @dyungwang Thanks m8. I find the problem which is a typo ...

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