simple C++ solution

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    Re: Share my 14 lines C++ solution
    modify above solution, using pointer to pointer, not to creat a prehead;

      ListNode* reverseBetween(ListNode* head, int m, int n) {
          if(m==n) return head;
          ListNode **phead = &head; //pointer to head
          ListNode **pp = &head;
          n = n-m;
          while(--m) pp = &((*pp)->next); // find the start
          ListNode *pStart = *pp;
          ListNode *pNext = nullptr;
          while(n--) {
              pNext = pStart->next;
              pStart->next = pNext->next;
              pNext->next = *pp;
              *pp = pNext;
          return *phead;

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