Accepted TreeMap solution

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    For each cumulative sum[i], we need to find all the previous cumulative sum[j]'s such that sum[i]-upper<=sum[j]<=sum[i]-lower. TreeMap's subMap method can achieve this.

    public class Solution {
        public int countRangeSum(int[] nums, int lower, int upper) {
            TreeMap<Long, Integer> treeMap = new TreeMap<Long, Integer>();
            int result = 0;
            long sum=0;
            for(int n : nums) {
                Map<Long, Integer> map = treeMap.subMap(sum-upper,true,sum-lower,true);
                for(int i : map.values()) result+=i;
                if(!treeMap.containsKey(sum)) treeMap.put(sum,0);
                treeMap.put(sum, treeMap.get(sum)+1);
            return result;

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