Java. String. Easy & Some Commends. Extensible. [4ms]

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    public class Solution {
        public int lengthLongestPath(String input) {
            //split words
            String [] strs = input.split("\n");
            //save each folder name in a full path
            String [] path = new String[strs.length+1];
            int maxLength = 0;
            String maxPath = "";
            for(String str : strs){
                //check tab count. tab count means that deapth of the folder
                int tabCount = str.lastIndexOf("\t") + 1;
                //Get clear folder name by deleting \t from the str. 
                str=str.substring(tabCount, str.length());
                //If cur string is file
                if(str.contains(".")) {
                    //build full path 
                    String currentFullPath = "";
                    for(int i=0; i<tabCount; i++) currentFullPath+=path[i];
                    //update full path name. For extensibility purpose.
                    //currentFullPath.length() > maxLength ? maxPath=currentFullPath : ;
                    //update maxLength
                    maxLength = Math.max(maxLength, currentFullPath.length());
                }else path[tabCount] = str+"/";
            return maxLength;

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    u could have used stringbuilder to generate full paths to make it faster..

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