Union of two binary trees (if they share common nodes)

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    Tree 1:                                         Tree 2:                                  
               A                                              B                                      
            /      \                                       /     \                                                 
         B         C                                   D            E
        /           |                                /    \          \ 
      D           ...                               C     F           G
            /      \                                                                            
         B          C                              
        /   \          |                                 
       D     E         ...        
     /   \      \
    C     F      G               

    The union of the two trees should be returned if there is an overlap. We don't know which tree might be a subtree of the other. The result should be a new tree [inputs should not be modified]

    I proposed a recursive solution which would work if we knew that Tree2 could be a subtree of the other. If this is not assumed how do I go about it ?

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    You can save all the node in Tree1 with a HashTable , then judge whether the root of Tree2 is in the HashTable.
    If true then Tree2 is a subtree of tree1 , otherwise you can assume tree1 is a subtree of Tree2.

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    @ww884203 I can understand your general idea. But could you elaborate on how you would actually proceed to code it up. I think it would not be easy to find the union nodes.

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