Python code with explanation

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    I suggest that you may write down the process on paper firstly for better understanding.

    class Solution(object):

    def shortestDistance(self, words, word1, word2):
        :type words: List[str]
        :type word1: str
        :type word2: str
        :rtype: int
        # current one (or you can call it previous one if you want) records the index and content so that we can compare with future ones
        # d records the minimum length
        # iterate through words
        for i,x in enumerate(words):
            # find valid word and take action
            if (x == word1) or (x == word2):
                # if c exists, we can compare c with the found one
                if c:
                    # if the word of c is different from the found one
                    if x!=c[1]:
                        # it means we need to check if it is the minimum length
                # anyway we need to update the current one since even the found word is the same as the current one, we still need to update it for the shortest distance
        return d

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