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    The idea is the root(s) of MHT must be on the diameter of the graph, specifically, the roots are at the radius of the graph and the number of the roots are at most 2.

    To find a diameter, start with any vertex V, and find the farthest vertex W, then start from W, find the farthest vertext T from W. W->T will be the diameter trace.

    class Solution(object):
        def findMinHeightTrees(self, n, edges):
            :type n: int
            :type edges: List[List[int]]
            :rtype: List[int]
            if n == 0:
                return []
            elif len(edges) == 0:
                return [0]
            graph = {}
            for (x, y) in edges:
                if x in graph:
                    graph[x] = [y]
                if y in graph:
                    graph[y] = [x]
            def bfs(start_vertex):
                visited = [0] * n
                queue = [(start_vertex, 0)]
                max_steps, node = 0, start_vertex
                trace = []
                while queue:
                    u, steps = queue.pop(0)
                    if steps > max_steps:
                        max_steps = steps
                        node = u
                    visited[u] = True
                    for v in graph[u]:
                        if not visited[v]:
                            queue.append((v, steps + 1))
                return (node, max_steps, trace)
            u, _, _ = bfs(0)
            w, diameter, trace = bfs(u)
            radius = int(diameter / 2)
            if diameter % 2 == 0:
                return trace[radius:radius + 1]
                return trace[radius:radius + 2]

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