C++ 69ms 19 lines O(nlogn) clean solution with comments

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    vector<pair<int, int>> getSkyline(vector<vector<int>>& buildings) {
            // use walls to record buildings; left wall is an insertion event, and right wall is a deletion event
            vector<pair<int, int>> walls, ans;                  // first: x, second: height
            for (auto b : buildings) {
                // push in left / right walls
                // let left wall has negative height to ensure left wall goes to multiset first if with same 'x' as right wall
                walls.push_back(make_pair(b[0], -b[2]));
                walls.push_back(make_pair(b[1], b[2]));
            sort(walls.begin(), walls.end());                   // sort walls
            multiset<int> leftWallHeights = {0};                // keep left wall heights sorted; dummy '0' for convenience
            int top = 0;                                        // current max height among leftWallHeights
            for (auto w : walls) {
                if (w.second < 0) {                             // it's a left wall, insert the height
                } else {                                        // it's a right wall, delete the height
                if (*leftWallHeights.rbegin() != top) {         // mark a skyline point if top changes
                    ans.push_back(make_pair(w.first, top = *leftWallHeights.rbegin()));
            return ans;

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    This post is deleted!

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    This is a very neat solution, thanks a lot for sharing.

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