1-liner in Python

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    class Solution(object):
        def toHex(self, num):
            return   ''.join(
                            '0123456789abcdef'[(num >> 4 * i) & 15] 
                            for i in range(8)
                            )[::-1].lstrip('0') or '0'

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    *cough* res *cough* :-P

    I'll think about more, but for now I'll mention that '0123456789abcdef' is shorter than (string.digits + string.ascii_letters) and 15 is shorter than 0b1111.

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    @StefanPochmann Thanks Stefan.

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    Here's a short one with the extra parameter trick you probably tried:

    def toHex(self, num, h=''):
        return (not num or h[7:]) and h or self.toHex(num / 16, '0123456789abcdef'[num % 16] + h)

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