Sort the numbers based on categories - low, mid, and high

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    I copied this question from Glassdoor. I was asked the same question in the onsite interview.

    You have an unsorted array of integers and a function
    string getCategory(integer), which deterministically returns 1 of three possible strings: "low", "medium", or "high", depending on the input integer. You need to output an array with all the "low" numbers at the bottom, all the "medium" numbers in the middle, and all the "high" numbers at the top. This is basically a partial sort. Within each category, the order of the numbers does not matter.

    For example, you might be give the array [5,7,2,9,1,14,12,10,5,3].
    For input integers 1 - 3, getCategory(integer) returns "low", for 4 - 10 it returns "medium," and for 11 - 15 it returns "high".

    You could output an array (or modify the given array) that looks like this: [3,1,2,5,5,9,7,10,14,12]

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    looks like is 'Sort color'

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    This is similar to quicksort's subroutine to partition array in three parts - numbers equal to pivot, numbers less than pivot and numbers greater than pivot.

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