My very easy to understand brute force python solution.

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    Create numRows of empty lists, and appending each character into the corresponding list as you iterate through the given string

    def convert(self, s, numRows):
            d = {}
            count = 0
            res = ""
            count_up = True #if up is True, count up, else count down
            if numRows == 1:
                return s
            for i in range(0, numRows):
                d[i] = []
            for char in s:
                if count == numRows-1:  #
                    count_up = False    #
                if count == 0:          # Toggle switch
                    count_up = True     #
                if count_up:
                    count += 1
                    count -= 1
            for i in range(0, numRows):
                for item in d[i]:
                    res += item
            return res

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