Very Concise and Clear Java Solution Beats 97%..

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    List<String> ans=new ArrayList<String>();
    String open="(";
    String closed=")";
    public List<String> generateParenthesis(int n)
    //The length of the string will be twice the input size.
    return ans;
    public void permutations(String st,int x,int y,int n)
    //x: number of open brackets.
    //y: number of closed brackets.
    if(st.length()==n) { ans.add(st); return; }
    if(x<n/2) permutations(st+open,x+1,y,n);
    if(x==n/2 || x>y)permutations(st+closed,x,y+1,n);


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    @svcharan94 Wow!! This is an amazing solution. Thanks a lot.

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