Sorta-like a Two Sum (Python 60ms)

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    Once you figure out how many ones are in the binary representation of each possible hour and and each possible minute. It just becomes a simple problem of finding all combinations that add up to the available number of 1s and then formatting the output correctly.

    def readBinaryWatch(self, num):
            :type num: int
            :rtype: List[str]
            #encode time in 10 digits
            # 4 high 0 - 11
            # 6 low 0-59
            def getOnes(n):
            	c = 0
            	while n!= 0:
            		c += n & 1
            		n = n >> 1
            	return c 
            mMap = {i:getOnes(i) for i in range(60)}
            hMap = {i:getOnes(i) for i in range(12)}
        	toRet = []
        	for hour in filter(lambda x: hMap[x] <= num, range(12)):
        		nOnes = hMap[hour]
        		toRet += ["{}:{:02d}".format(hour, minn) for minn in filter(lambda x: mMap[x] == num - nOnes, range(60)) ]
            return toRet

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    You can use bin() function and count() function to reduce code even further.

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