A Java solution with no longs and a missing case

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    What if we have to solve this problem for longs, not for ints, in a language that doesn't support anything larger than long, say, Java or C#? Then we no longer have an option to use longs to avoid overflow, no pun intended. I was fiddling around with corner cases until I came up with a pretty ugly solution that worked, but then I found this one. The idea of using negative integers had crossed my mind, but I didn't think it could lead to less ugly code until I saw that solution. So I took up the idea, and did this:

    public int divide(int dividend, int divisor) {
        if (divisor == 0 || (dividend == Integer.MIN_VALUE && divisor == -1))
            return Integer.MAX_VALUE;
        if (dividend == 0 || divisor == 1) // necessary for MIN_VALUE / 1
            return dividend;
        // use negative numbers to avoid overflow, original idea by @brubru777
        if (dividend > 0)
            return -divide(-dividend, divisor);
        if (divisor > 0)
            return -divide(dividend, -divisor);
        int shiftedDivisor = divisor;
        int shift = 0;
        while ((shiftedDivisor << 1) < 0) {
            shiftedDivisor <<= 1;
        int quotient = 0;
        int remainder = dividend;
        while (shift >= 0) {
            if (remainder <= shiftedDivisor) {
                quotient |= 1 << shift;
                remainder -= shiftedDivisor;
            shiftedDivisor >>= 1;
        return quotient;

    Pretty elegant, and passes all test cases. Speaking of which, @brubru777's solution fails this one, which isn't in the OJ: (Integer.MIN_VALUE + 1) / -1.

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