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    You are given an array of 'n' numbers. A move is defined by choosing 'n-1' numbers and increasing their value by 1. Find the minimum number of moves you need to make all the numbers equal for that array.

    For example: [1, 2, 3]

    • Choose : [1(0), 2(1)] and array become [2, 3, 3]
    • Choose : [2(0), 3(1)] and array become [3, 4, 3]
    • Choose : [3(0), 3(2)] and array become [4, 4, 4]

    return sum(arr) - min(arr)*len(arr)

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    How did you arrive at this solution, and would you mind explaining some of the intuition behind it? Thanks!

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    @benjie I will try to explain from where the formule comes. Pls, take a look at the picture to get some initial idea.


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    @elmirap what picture?

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    @benjie Don't you see it? Very strange. I uploaded it together with my post and I can see it in my post.

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