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    Given a song, return the recommended song with the highest rating. A recommendation can be any song within the network of similarities. (for example, similarities of similarities, etc)

    function getTopRecommendedSong(song) {


    songA = {
    rating: 2.0,
    similarities: [songB, songC, songD]

    songB is similar to songA, songE, songF

    songC is similar to .....

    songD is similar to .....

    songE is similar to songF

    getTopRecommendedSong(songA) = songD

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    Simply DFS/BFS in this graph.

    Here's solution with DFS-

    private Song getTopRec(Song song)
    	HashSet<Song> visited = new HashSet<Song>();
    	return helper(song, visited);
    private Song helper(Song song, Set<Song> visited)
    	Song top = song;
    	for (Song s : song.similar)
    		if (!visited.contains(s))
    			Song result = helper(s, visited);
    			if (result.rating > top.rating)
    				top = result;
    	return top;

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