Java priority queue . Damn simple. with comment

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     * Use PriorityQueue to sort.
     * O(n*logk)
    public class Solution {
        public ListNode mergeKLists(ListNode[] lists) {
            // make a heap and insert head of each list
            PriorityQueue<ListNode> heap = new PriorityQueue<>(new Comp());
            for(ListNode n: lists){
                if(n != null)
            // the head element to return, with min value
            ListNode head = heap.peek();
            while(!heap.isEmpty())    {
                ListNode min = heap.poll();
                if( != null)
       = heap.peek(); // peek return null on empty, sets null to tail
            return head;
        static class Comp implements Comparator<ListNode>{
            public int compare(ListNode left, ListNode right){
                return left.val - right.val;

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