Simple python O(n) solution with explanation

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    The basic idea is to repeatedly take the leftmost minimum digit from the string for N - k times, and remove other digits.
    Very similarly to Sliding Window Maximum, we can make it with a stack S: for each digit i, we pop all the digits larger than i from S and then push i into S.
    Also notice that when there are not enough digits left to compose a (N - k)-digit number, we simply push all digits remained into S.

    def removeKdigits(self, num, k):
        N, stack = len(num), []
        for i in xrange(N):
            while 0 < len(stack) > i - k and num[stack[-1]] > num[i]:
        stack = "".join([num[i] for i in stack[:N-k]]).lstrip('0') # remove the leading 0's
        return stack if len(stack) > 0 else '0'

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