Java straight forward recursive solution

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    Have the recursive method return the depth of the current node and keep constructing the answer list. The code can be cleaner but I think it's pretty easy to get the idea.

        public List<List<Integer>> findLeaves(TreeNode root) {
            List<List<Integer>> answer = new ArrayList<>();
            if (root != null ) putInto(answer, root.val, Math.max(getDepth(root.left, answer), getDepth(root.right, answer)) + 1);
            return answer;
        private int getDepth(TreeNode root, List<List<Integer>> answer) {
            if (root == null) return 0;
            int depth = Math.max(getDepth(root.left, answer), getDepth(root.right, answer)) + 1;
            putInto(answer, root.val, depth);
            return depth;
        private boolean putInto(List<List<Integer>> answer, int val, int depth) {
            if (answer.size() < depth) {
                List<Integer> levelAnswer = new ArrayList<>();
            } else {
                answer.get(depth - 1).add(val);
            return true;

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