sensor detection game

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    Imagine there is a 2d plane with (0,0) as left-bottom corner and (1,1) as right-top corner. Suppose there are several sensor with(radius, x, y) placed inside this plane. write a function to check if a player can reach (1,1) from (0,0) without being detected by anysensors. input is List<sensor> list, with sensor( double radius, double x ,double y)

    Hint: using DFS is the easiest way

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    I was thinking the same, using DFS. There is another slightly different problem than this , when there is no X constraint.

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    @elmirap we can model every overlapped coverage as connected graph node

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    @daniel.w.1 yes, you should check the connected components, the most important circles are tangents to the boundaries

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    I think your idea is smart. If we build graph and can find a connected component connect at least two boundaries of the plane(except left&&up, down&&right) then you can't find a path to your destination.
    Otherwise there is always a path to the destination.

    Correct me if it has defects.

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