Java Recursion O(logN) solution

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    public int lastRemaining(int n) {
            return helper(1,n,1,true);
    // start is the current first number
    // num is count of remaining numbers
    // diff is the interval between two next-to-each-other numbers
    // isFromLeft is from left or from right
        private int helper(int start,int num,int diff,boolean isFromLeft){
                return start;
                //if isFromLeft, new start is the second number
                //if isFromRight, new start is the first number if count is even
                //                new start is the second number if count is odd
                int newStart = (isFromLeft||num%2==1)?(start+diff):start;
                return helper(newStart,num/2,diff*2,!isFromLeft);

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