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        bool isSameTree(TreeNode* p, TreeNode* q) {
        if(p == NULL && q==NULL) return true;
        if(p == NULL || q==NULL || p->val != q->val) return false;
        return isSameTree(p->left,q->left) && isSameTree(p->right,q->right);}

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    I am wondering the "unbalance tree" case.
    For example a tree only 2 node. A {val=1, left=B, right=NULL}, B(val=1, left=NULL, right=NULL}

    isSameTree(A,A) should return T;
    But your solution will return false due to "if(... || q==NULL || ...) return false;" right?

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    My solution will return true,it's a recursive program, only judge the node itself eachtime.when leftchild and rightchild are empty at the same time,program will return true first...

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