A c++ solution

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        bool isNum(char s){ return s>='0' && s<='9'; }
        bool isAlpha(char s){ return s>='a'&&s<='z'; }
        bool judge(const string& s){
            int size=s.size();
            for(int i=0, j=size-1; i<j; ){
                /*skip ilegal char*/
                if(!isAlpha(s[i]) && !isNum(s[i])){
                if(!isAlpha(s[j]) && !isNum(s[j])){
                if( s[i]!=s[j] ) return false;
                ++i, --j;
            return true;
        bool isPalindrome(string s) {
            if(s=="") return true;
            //1.to lower
            for(int i=0, size=s.size(); i<size; i++){
                if(s[i]>='A'&&s[i]<='Z') s[i]=s[i]+32;
            return judge(s);

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