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    Two situation to consider to calculate max sum:
    1 Include root in the path, there are 3 possibilities:

    1. only root 2) root + single path start with root.left 3) root + single path start with root.right .
      Single path contains at least one node, which is the stating node. So if include root in the path, the max value will be:
      Math.max(singlePath start with root.left, 0) + Math.max(singlePath start with root.right, 0) + root.val

    2 Not include root in the path, there are 2 possibilities:
    max value on the root.left
    max value on the root.right

    The result is the max value of the above possibilities. Since we need to calculate the max value based on subtree's single path and max value, so we return these two value in the recursion function.

    var maxPathSum = function(root) {
        var [max, maxSingle] = helper(root);
        return max;
    var helper = function(root) {
        if(root == null) return [Number.MIN_SAFE_INTEGER, Number.MIN_SAFE_INTEGER];
        var [lmax, lmaxSingle] = helper(root.left);
        var [rmax, rmaxSingle] = helper(root.right);
        maxSingle = Math.max(0, Math.max(lmaxSingle, rmaxSingle)) + root.val;  //only one side
        max =  Math.max(lmax, rmax, Math.max(lmaxSingle, 0) + Math.max(rmaxSingle, 0) + root.val);
        return [max, maxSingle];

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