Can someone help with no attribute "deserialize" error?

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    # Definition for a undirected graph node
    class UndirectedGraphNode(object):
        def __init__(self, x):
            self.label = x
            self.neighbors = []
    class Solution(object):
        def cloneGraph(self, s):
            :type node: UndirectedGraphNode
            :rtype: UndirectedGraphNode
            if not s:
                return None
            visited = {}
            queue = [s]
            while queue:
                node = queue.pop(0)
                if node not in visited:
                    nodeCopy = UndirectedGraphNode(node.label)
                    visited[node] = nodeCopy
                    for neighbor in node.neighbors:
                        neighborCopy = UndirectedGraphNode(neighbor.label)
            return visited[s]

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