Java 4ms short solution

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        public int superPow(int a, int[] b) {
            int[] buf = new int[10];
            buf[0] = 1;
            a = a%1337;
            for(int i =1;i<10;i++){               //since b is large, and b[i] is between 0 and 9, which reuse several times, we build pattern for them
                buf[i] = (buf[i-1]*a)%1337;
            int ans = buf[b[0]], temp;
            for(int i = 1;i<b.length;i++){
                ans = (ans*ans)%1337;      //calculate ans^10%1337 in 5 lines, since we may have ans^3>Integer.MAX_VALUE.
                temp = ans;
                ans = (ans*ans)%1337;
                ans = (ans*ans)%1337;
                ans = (ans*temp)%1337;
                ans = (ans*buf[b[i]])%1337;
            return ans;

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