O(n) AC JavaCode

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    Optimal Structure

    • Subproblem: t[i] is the maximum sum when the subsequence ends at ith element
        Recurrence: t[i] = max(A[i],A[i]+t[i-1])
                             if A[i] is larger, it means the last sequence ends and an new one starts
                             if A[i]+t[i-1 is larger, it means the last sequence increases
        Base Cases: t[0] = 0 which means sum of no element is 0
    • Here is the code

       public int maxSubArray(int[] A) {
           int[] t = new int[A.length+1];
           t[0] = 0;
           int max = Integer.MIN_VALUE;
           for(int i = 1; i <= A.length;i++){
               t[i] = Math.max(A[i-1],A[i-1] + t[i-1]);
               max = Math.max(t[i],max);
           return max;

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    You are really helpful, and the solution is neat and clear! Thank you!

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