Java Solution Using HashMap and DFS

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    (1) Build the map, the key is dividend, the value is also a map whose key is divisor and value is its parameter. For example, a / b = 2.0, the map entry is <"a", <"b", 2.0>>. To make searching and calculation easier, we also put b / a = 0.5 into the map.
    (2) for each query, use DFS to search divisors recursively

    public class Solution {
        public double[] calcEquation(String[][] equations, double[] values, String[][] query) {
            // build the map
            Map<String, Map<String, Double>> map = new HashMap<>();
            for(int i = 0; i < equations.length; i++) {
                if(!map.containsKey(equations[i][0])) map.put(equations[i][0], new HashMap<>());
                map.get(equations[i][0]).put(equations[i][1], values[i]);
                if(!map.containsKey(equations[i][1])) map.put(equations[i][1], new HashMap<>());
                map.get(equations[i][1]).put(equations[i][0], 1 / values[i]);
            // search dividend and divisor using DFS
            double[] res = new double[query.length];
            for(int i = 0; i < query.length; i++) {
                double[] para = new double[]{1.0};
                if(calculate(map, query[i][0], query[i][1], para, new HashSet<>(), 1.0)) res[i] = para[0];
                else res[i] = -1.0;
            return res;
        // DFS
        private boolean calculate(Map<String, Map<String, Double>> map, String num1, String num2,
                                  double[] para, Set<String> visited, double res) {
            if(!map.containsKey(num1) || !map.containsKey(num2) || visited.contains(num1)) return false;
            if(num1.equals(num2)) {
                para[0] = res;
                return true;
            for(Map.Entry<String, Double> entry: map.get(num1).entrySet()) {
                if(calculate(map, entry.getKey(), num2, para, visited, res * entry.getValue())) return true;
            visited.remove(num1);           // backtracking
            return false;

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