Concise Python solution using generators

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    The idea is define two generators to get the predecessor and successor.

    class Solution(object):
        def closestKValues(self, root, target, k):
            pre, suc = self.getPreOrSuc(root,target,1),self.getPreOrSuc(root,target,0)
            res = []
            p, s = next(pre,float('-inf')), next(suc,float('inf'))
            while len(res) < k:
                if abs(p-target) < abs(s-target):
                    p = next(pre,float('inf'))
                    s = next(suc,float('inf'))
            return res
        def getPreOrSuc(self,root,target,pre):
            if root:
                for n in self.getPreOrSuc(root.right if pre else root.left,target,pre):
                    yield n
                if (root.val <= target and pre) or (root.val > target and not pre):
                    yield root.val
                for n in self.getPreOrSuc(root.left if pre else root.right,target,pre):
                    yield n

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    Not sure if this is faster or not, as leetcode is not showing the graph.

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