Easy to understand clean C++ code with comments

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    Use the C++ getline function to split the '\n'. Then count the number of '\t' to determine the level.

        int lengthLongestPath(string input) {
            vector<int> level(100, 0);
            int maxi=0;
            string cur;
            stringstream ss(input);
            while (getline(ss, cur, '\n')) {
                int cnt=0;
                // find # of '\t'
                size_t pos = cur.find_last_of('\t');
                if (pos==string::npos) cnt = 0;
                else cnt = pos+1;
                // record level or file size
                if (cur.find(".")==string::npos)
                    level[cnt+1] = level[cnt] + cur.size()-cnt;
                    maxi = max(maxi, (int)(level[cnt] + cur.size())); // cur.size() not minus cnt to compensate for the forward slash '/' in the return requirement
            return maxi;

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    you so diao!

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    Nice idea.
    However, this solution might fail if there are more than 100 levels.

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