Sharing my really simple C++ solution

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    bool canJump(int A[], int n) {
        if(n == 0){
            return true;
        int maxReachPos = A[0];
        for(int i = 0; i <= maxReachPos; i++){
            if(maxReachPos >= n - 1){
                return true;
            maxReachPos = max(maxReachPos, i + A[i]);
        return false;

    The variable maxReachPos indicates the farthest position you can reach.

    At the very beginning, maxReachPos is equal to A[0], which is apparently correct.

    If maxReachPos >= n - 1, then we know we can reach the end point. Therefore, return True.

    Else, keep updating maxReachPos.

    If maxReachPos is always less than n - 1, then return False.

    Please let me know if you think there is any improvements.

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