Straightforward Python solution using 45ms

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    def longestCommonPrefix(self, string_list):
            if not string_list:
                return ""
            def unify_length(string_list):
            	mini = float("inf")
            	for string in string_list:
            		if len(string) < mini:
            			mini = len(string)
            	for i in xrange(len(string_list)):
            		upper = mini - len(string_list[i]) if len(string_list[i]) > mini else len(string_list[i])
            		string_list[i] = string_list[i][:upper]
            def shorten(string_list):
            	for i in xrange(len(string_list)):
            		string_list[i] = string_list[i][:-1]   
        	while len(set(string_list)) != 1:
        	return string_list[0]

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