how to promise its the longest sequence?

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    public List<String> findItinerary(String[][] tickets) {
            List<String> result = new ArrayList();
            Map<String, ArrayList<String>> graph = new HashMap();
            for(int i=0; i<tickets.length; i++){
                    ArrayList<String> adj = new ArrayList();
                    graph.put(tickets[i][0], adj);
            for(ArrayList<String> a : graph.values()){
            backtracing(result, "JFK", graph);
            return result;
        public void backtracing(List<String> result, String current, Map<String, ArrayList<String>> graph){
            while(graph.containsKey(current) && !graph.get(current).isEmpty()){
                String s = graph.get(current).remove(0);
                backtracing(result, s, graph);
            result.add(0,current); // the most important line 

    This piece of code could pass all the test. I am just wondering how could it promise that its the longest sequence?
    if I move the code result.add(current); // the most important line inside the while loop, it will not pass the test, why?

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