Wrong Answer Report

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    Wrong Answer Report

    if you create a test case [1,1,1,2,2,2,3] and return 3, submission is accepted.

    I think this is because leetcode use this algorithm(I copy and paste from geeksforgeeks website) to test the code:

    findCandidate(a[], size)

    1. Initialize index and count of majority element
      maj_index = 0, count = 1
    2. Loop for i = 1 to size – 1
      (a) If a[maj_index] == a[i]
      (b) Else
      (c) If count == 0
      maj_index = i;
      count = 1
    3. Return a[maj_index]

    However, the correct answer is no majority number:
    after you finish the algorithm above, you need to loop trough the nums array, check if the number of a[maj_index] is greater than floor(n/2), if it is bigger than floor(n/2) return this number, otherwise return no answer.

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