JAVA Using two stacks 99.87% Clean code

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    class MyQueue {
    	/* 91ms 99.87%
    		Only move elements of new stack to oldStack when it is needed (pop or peek and oldStack is empty)
        Deque<Integer> newStack = new ArrayDeque<>();
        Deque<Integer> oldStack = new ArrayDeque<>();
        // Push element x to the back of queue.
        public void push(int x) {
        // Removes the element from in front of queue.
        public void pop() {
            if(oldStack.isEmpty()) moveToOld();
        // Get the front element.
        public int peek() {
            if(oldStack.isEmpty()) moveToOld();
            return oldStack.peek();
        // Return whether the queue is empty.
        public boolean empty() {
            return newStack.isEmpty() && oldStack.isEmpty();
        private void moveToOld() {
            while(!newStack.isEmpty()) oldStack.push(newStack.pop());

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