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    Since it's a binary search tree, the idea becomes very simple: once p and q ends up on the left and right subtree, the current root is the LCA (assume p.val <= q.val).

    public class Solution {
        public TreeNode lowestCommonAncestor(TreeNode root, TreeNode p, TreeNode q) {
            if (p.val > q.val) {
                TreeNode temp = p;
                p = q;
                q = temp;
            return LCA(root, p, q);
        private TreeNode LCA(TreeNode root, TreeNode p, TreeNode q) {
            if (root == null) return root;
            if (p.val <= root.val && q.val >= root.val) {
                return root;
            if (root.val > q.val) {
                return LCA(root.left, p, q);
            if (root.val < p.val) {
                return LCA(root.right, p, q);
            return null;

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