Time Limit Exceeded

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    The simliar method has used to sovle the problem in preOrder and inOrder.It is really accepted.When I use the method in this situation.Time Limit Exceeded...Why?

    public class Solution {
        public TreeNode buildTree(int[] inorder, int[] postorder) {
           return  helper(postorder.length-1,0,inorder.length-1,inorder,postorder);
        public TreeNode helper(int preend,int instart,int inend,int[] inorder,int[] postorder){
            if(instart>inend||preend<0) return null;
            TreeNode head = new TreeNode(postorder[preend]);
            int index=0;
            for(int i=instart;i<=inend;i++){
            head.left= helper(preend-index-1+instart,instart,index-1,inorder,postorder);
            return head;

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    same here...

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    did you find out how to solve it? I met the same problem that is the same as yours.

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    yes,I got the accepted answer below:

    head.left= helper(preend-inend+index-1,instart,index-1,inorder,postorder);

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    The root.left line original post is equivalent to

    root.left = buildTreeInPost(postStart-(inIndex-inStart)-1, inStart, inIndex-1, postorder, inorder);

    and the correct one (which is in the comment) is equivalent to

    root.left = buildTreeInPost(postStart-(inEnd-inIndex)-1, inStart, inIndex-1, postorder, inorder);

    Reason: for postorder, we should use inEnd as reference.
    we can also demonstrate this with an example in link http://articles.leetcode.com/2011/04/construct-binary-tree-from-inorder-and-preorder-postorder-traversal.html.

    Inorder: 4,10,3,1,7,11,8,2

    postorder: 4,1,3,10,11,8,2,7

    Using the wrong root.left line, the left and right node of root is 3 and 2. Using the correct root.left line, the left and right node of root is 10 and 2.

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