Answer by checking for inorder traversal for list in ascending order

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    I applied a simple logic and it worked. I just wrote a function that returns a inorder traversal of the binary search tree. This list should have values in ascending order and if not then it is not a binary search tree. Below is the code.

    public class Solution {
            public boolean isValidBST(TreeNode root) {
                boolean flag = true;
                if(root== null) return true;
                List<Integer> list = new ArrayList<Integer>();
                for(int i =1; i<list.size(); i++){
                    if(!(list.get(i) > list.get(i-1)))
                        return false;
                return true;
            // get a list with inorder traversal of the binary search tree
            public void retrieve(TreeNode node,List<Integer> list){
                if(node == null) return ;

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