Accepted recursive solution in python

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    The code looks chunky. Any suggestion would be appreciated!

     class Solution:
        # @return a list of tree node
        def generateTrees(self, n):
            # global variable to record possible trees for i (i<n)
            # recurssively copy the tree.
            def TreeCopy(root,n):
                if not root:
                    return None
                return root1
            def GenerateBST(n):
                if dict.has_key(n):
                    return dict[n]
                # given the tree node ii, the combination of left child tree(1:ii-1) and right tree(ii+1:n) make all the possible trees.
                for ii in range(1,n+1):
                    for treeLeft in listLeft:
                        for treeRight in listRight:
                return list
            return GenerateBST(n)

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    function generateTrees return a list of trees according to input n, and
    function TreeCopy copy and return a new node where each child and the root itself is added by input n

    in GenerateBST:
    ii is the root value, it ranges from 1 to n
    then it uses two for loops to get all possible left and right sub-trees.
    for left sub-tree, simply copy it without adding any value
    for right sub-tree, the structure is correct but you need to add certain value to each of the node, according to the root value

    Awesome, how neat this code is !!!.

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