My python solution, nothing special, just post~

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    import sys
    class Solution(object):
        def in_order(self,last_node, root):
            left_last_node = self.in_order(last_node, root.left) if root.left else last_node
            if left_last_node.val>root.val:
            return self.in_order(root, root.right)if root.right else root
        def recoverTree(self, root):
            self.reverse_list = []
            virtual_node = TreeNode(-sys.maxint)
            self.in_order(virtual_node, root)
            n1, n2 = (self.reverse_list[0], self.reverse_list[1]) if len(self.reverse_list)==2 else (self.reverse_list[0],self.reverse_list[-1])
            n1.val, n2.val = n2.val, n1.val

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    Intricate design but takes long time to understand

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