C++ avoid two recursion by returning the height of each subtree, and pass over current height to parent level.

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    Note the height is passed as a reference, so you can reuse it in invoking function.
    Or, you may define your function to return a tuple like tuple<bool, int> of status and height.

    class Solution {
        bool isBalanced(TreeNode* root) {
                return 1;
            int h;
            return imp(root, h);
        bool imp(TreeNode* root, int& height){
                height =0;
                return 1;
            int left= 0;
             bool status = imp(root->left, left);
                return 0;
            int right=0;    
            bool s2 = imp(root->right, right);
                return 0;
            if(std::abs(left-right) <=1){
                height = left >right ? left +1  :right + 1;
                return 1;
                return 0;

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