JAVA(3ms) can be understanded easily.

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    public class Solution {
    public int myAtoi(String str) {

     	if(str==null || str.length()<=0) return 0;
    	int res=0;
    	int index=0; 
    	while((index<str.length())  &&  (str.charAt(index)==' ')){ 
                       index++;       //find the first non-whitespace
    	int sign=0; //the count of signal.
    	boolean isNegative=false;   //the negative signal
    	for(;index<str.length() && (sign<2);index++){
    		char ch=str.charAt(index);
    		int val=ch-48;
    		if((ch=='+' || ch=='-')){
    			if(ch=='-') isNegative=true;
    		if((val>9 || val<0))    //if there is other char , it it illegal.
    		if(!isNegative && res>(Integer.MAX_VALUE-val)/10)
    			return Integer.MAX_VALUE;
    		if(isNegative && ( res> (Integer.MAX_VALUE-val)/10))
    			return Integer.MIN_VALUE;
    		res=10*res+val;  //the result of number
    		return res*-1;
    	return res;


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    this part of your code is wrong, it could raise out of boundary exception. for example, if input is all space which is invalid.

    while(str.charAt(index)==' '){ //find the first non-whitespace

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    This post is deleted!

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    @GoCodeZ thank you to point the mistake of my code.
    I have fix it . we could be add a sentence to judge the index is smaller than string's length.

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    Good solution to handle overflow!

    Few nits: you could use str.trim() to remove white spaces. Also, str.isEmpty() is better for readability.

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