Java O(n) Using Stack

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    Here we use a stack to record the directory level and the string length at that level.
    Level can be the numbers of "\t".
    No need to push the string which is a file name into the stack.

    public class Solution {
        public int lengthLongestPath(String input) {
            int maxLen=0;
            LinkedList<int[]> stack=new LinkedList<>();
            for(String a : input.split("\n")){
                int level=a.lastIndexOf("\t")+1; //level equals to number of "\t" in the string
                String aa=a.substring(level);
                while(!stack.isEmpty() && stack.peek()[1]>=level) stack.pop();
                    int len=0;
                    for(int[] t : stack) len+=t[0]+1;
                    stack.push(new int[]{aa.length(),level});
            return maxLen;

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    Same idea here! However, it would be better to manually count "\t" in the prefix of filename, incase a "\t" is in the middle of the filename.

     *Basic idea:
     * stack
     * 25 / 25 test cases passed.
     * Status: Accepted
     * Runtime: 11 ms
     * Sorry. We do not have enough accepted submissions.
     * 9/2/2016
    public class Solution {
        public int lengthLongestPath(String input) {
            String[] dirs = input.split("\\n");
            Stack<Integer>stack = new Stack<>();
            int maxlen = 0;
            for(String dir : dirs){
                int level = countLevel(dir);
                int filelen = dir.length()-level;
                boolean isfile = dir.contains(".");
                    int abslen = (stack.isEmpty()?0:stack.peek())+dir.length();
                    maxlen = maxlen>abslen?maxlen:abslen;
            return maxlen;
        private int countLevel(String filename){
            for(int i=0;i<filename.length();i++){
                    return i;
            return 0;

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    @skw_kevin "\t" should always be in front of file name or directory name. That's the format

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    @Twins Yes, you are right! Windows only tells me none of /:*?"<>| should be in a filename, but when I tried \t, it also an invalid filename. Thanks Twins!

    BTW, how about accumulating the length of filenames in the stack, so that you don't need the inner for loop.

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