Why adding "static" makes such a huge difference?

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    My original solution looks exactly like below except that I did not have the "static" keyword for the methods. The solution was accepted but the runtime was ugly, like > 800 ms. However, after adding the "static", the runtime went down to only 48 ms... could anybody explain why? Thanks.

    public class Solution {
        private static Map<Integer, Integer> map = new HashMap<>();
        public static int numSquares(int n) {
            if (map.containsKey(n))
                return map.get(n);
            if (n == 0)
                return 0;   
            int largestNum = (int)Math.floor(Math.sqrt(n));
            int ans = Integer.MAX_VALUE;
            for (int i = largestNum; i >= 1; i--)
                ans = Math.min(ans, 1 + numSquares(n - i*i));
            map.put(n, ans);
            return ans;

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