No so good solution in Java

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    I can only solve the problem using the following method (I DO know it doesn't comply to Could you implement it without using extra memory?).

    public int singleNumber(int[] nums) {
    	Map<Integer, Boolean> appeared = new HashMap<Integer, Boolean>();
    	for (int num : nums)
    		if (appeared.containsKey(num))
    			appeared.put(num, true);
    	return appeared.keySet().iterator().next();

    And I am interested in the solution post here . For convenient the code is:

    public int singleNumber(int[] nums) {
        if(nums.length == 1) {
            return nums[0];
        for(int i = 1; i < nums.length; i++) {
            nums[0] ^= nums[i]; 
        return nums[0]; 

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    Brilliance. For second solution code, XOR is the best answer, and the linear run time.

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