Simple clean Java DFS implementation

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    public class Solution {
        public int longestConsecutive(TreeNode root) {
            return longestConsecutiveHelper(root, -1, 0);
        private int longestConsecutiveHelper(TreeNode node, int prev, int curLen) {
            if (node == null) return curLen;
            // reset length of path if this is not a consecutive number
            if (node.val != prev+1) curLen = 0;
            int lenLeftSubTree =  longestConsecutiveHelper(node.left, node.val, curLen);
            int lenRightSubTree = longestConsecutiveHelper(node.right, node.val, curLen);
            // return the longest path available either using this node or available further down
            return Math.max(curLen, Math.max(lenLeftSubTree, lenRightSubTree)); 

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    Awesome Logic...

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