Why I got Time Limit Exceeded with C++

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    I use the idea of heap, though it is not a total heap, I just put the max element on the top of the heap, every time I just compare the max element of the heap with the next coming value in the matrix, if the value is smaller than the max element , just replace it and build new heap.
    Here is my code, I want to figure how it can be improved to be faster.

    class Solution {
        int kthSmallest(vector<vector<int>>& matrix, int k) {
            vector<int> heap(k,0);
            int i = 0;
            for (auto row: matrix) {
                if (i == k && row[0] > heap[0]) break;
                for (auto elem: row) {
                    if (i < k) {
                        heap[i] = elem;
                        if (i == k) buildHeap(heap, k);
                    if (elem > heap[0]) break;
                    else {
                        heap[0] = elem;
                        buildHeap(heap, k);
            return heap[0];
        void percDown(vector<int>& heap, int i, int len) {
            int tmp;
            int child = 2*i+1;
            if ( child + 1 < len && heap[child] < heap[child+1]) ++child;
            if (heap[i] < heap[child]) {
                tmp = heap[i];
                heap[i] = heap[child];
                heap[child] = tmp;
        void buildHeap(vector<int>& heap, int len) {
            for (int i = (len-1)/2; i >= 0; --i) percDown(heap, i, len);


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    Try priority_queue in C++

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