Python DP solution

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     def combinationSum4(self, nums, target):
            dp = [1] + [0] * target
            for i in xrange(target + 1):
                for x in nums:
                    if i + x <= target:
                        dp[i + x] += dp[i]
            return dp[target]

    I think this could be another interesting follow-up:
    "What if the order of numbers doesn't matter?"
    Then this problem becomes a "coin change" problem which requires a different way to implement the DP.

    def combinationSum4(self, nums, target):
        for n in arr:
            for i in range(n, target+1):
                dp[i] += dp[i-n]
        return dp[target]

    if nums is [1, 2, 3] and target is 4, it returns 4. (4 different solutions if order of numbers doesn't matter)

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