C++ with detailed explanation

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    class Solution {
        ListNode* deleteDuplicates(ListNode* head) {
            if (!head) {
                return NULL;
    // because the head node might be deleted, so use auxiliary node 
            ListNode* dummy = new ListNode(0);
            dummy->next = head;
    // start with head node
            ListNode* cur = head;
            ListNode* pre = dummy;
            while (cur) {
    // check if duplicate happens
                if (cur->next && cur->next->val == cur->val) {
    // keep the duplicate val
                   int target = cur->val;
    // every time meet the duplicate, delete it
                   while (cur && cur->val == target) {
                       pre->next = cur->next;
                       cur = cur->next;
                } else {
    // otherwise, move forward
                    pre = cur;
                    cur = cur->next;
    // save the return head and recycle the memory of the auxiliary node
            ListNode* ret = dummy->next;
            return ret;        

    Time Complexity O(n)
    Space Complexity O(1) only use a auxiliary node.

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    why have you added the check of pointer to be null in all test cases .. like cur&&cur->val==target and like that why its unnecessary most of the times right?

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